Joining Melbourne Design Week in 2019 were two leading thinkers in the realm of architecture and urbanism, Jing Liu and Beatrice Leanza, who led a discussion on China’s rapid urbanization experience and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

From being front and center to some of the most exciting modern undertakings in urban architecture, both experts agree on the need to deal with population density, not just pragmatically, but creatively, and how a more condensed population can actually lead to a positive result for both people, and the planet.

Raised in Nanjing until she was 13, renowned architect Jing Liu witnessed first hand what it was like to live in a major Chinese city. Going on to study and work in other countries instilled her with a sense of globalism which she says is integral to her work…

Reblogged from Xinhua

Image courtesy of NGV Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture