by Dexter Matilla

Watching Lee Gi-kwang’s latest music video for his digital single, “Don’t Close Your Eyes” (feat. rapper Kid Milli) is, in many ways, a revelation. Sure, the lead singer and main dancer of the iconic K-pop boy band Highlight (formerly Beast) has had solo outings in the past, but it can be argued that this title track from his solo single album “I” might be his best yet.

Because he has often been the prime eye candy of Beast/Highlight (what in Korean English would be known as “the visual”), Gi-kwang’s songwriting skills have always been underestimated. But in the fancy dance tracks he’s made for his group such as “Dangerous” and “It’s You,” he’s proven again and again he’s no “himbo.” This is reaffirmed in “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”…

Reblogged from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Image courtesy of Lee Gi-kwang