by Lisa Fung

The young Asian woman pauses, surveying items in her grocery shopping cart. Realizing she doesn’t have enough money to pay for everything, she curses under her breath, quickly glances over her shoulder, then stuffs a loaf of bread into her purse.

Out of nowhere, a store employee appears. “Robber dodger!” he yells. She tries to evade him, but another man sneaks up behind her, yelling, “Stop!” She’s surrounded. Undeterred, she swings her purse at one man, then turns with a high kick to the other. In a flash, she’s in full martial arts mode, spinning, kicking, jumping, then seizing a mop that she wields like a kendo fighting stick to fend off her pursuers. A cop enters, gun drawn: “Drop the bread!”…

Reblogged from The Los Angeles Times

Image courtesy of The Los Angeles Times/Allen J. Schaben