by Sofia Sant’Anna-Skites

Chang Liu is a third-year modern dance MFA candidate in the School of Dance at the University of Utah. His most recent accomplishment is the creation of a piece called “Ma (間).” Liu presented “Ma (間)” at the gala concert of the American College Dance Association Northwest Regional Conference, which was held at the U from March 13 to 16. Adjudicators selected the dance for the 2019 Northwest Gala, alongside nine other dances from various universities across the northwest.

Liu began dancing when he was four years old in the city of Wuhan in China. He received his undergraduate degree at the Beijing Dance Academy in 2012, where he trained mainly in Chinese dance. Liu decided to leave China and attend the U because he wanted to explore the world beyond his home country’s borders. He was also drawn to the freedom that artists have in the United States to make their own creations. “People really respect what you want to make,” said Liu.

Reblogged from The Daily Utah Chronicle

Image courtesy of Tori Duhaime