by Erin Hale

Cantonese opera is an art form best known for elaborate make up, costumes and tales of long-dead heroes. But for four days this April, a Hong Kong theatre will take on a larger than life character from the modern day: U.S. President Donald Trump.

Hong Kong’s Sunbeam Theatre will stage a performance of Trump On Show, a three and a half hour comedic reimagining of the U.S. president’s life and that of his fictional twin brother who lives in China. The opera was written, directed and produced by Edward Li Kui-ming, a Feng shui master and film producer turned prolific playwright.

The upcoming production is a follow-up to Li’s successful and controversial Chairman Mao opera staged in 2016, which recounted three fictional romances of China’s most famous leader, Mao Zedong…

Reblogged from VOA News

Image courtesy of Sunbeam Theatre