by Gavin Marcus

“Thanks Leica, thanks to my homeland, thanks Mum and Dad,” was the entirety of Huang Jing’s 2011 Leica Oskar Barnack best newcomer award acceptance speech. This scene perfectly demonstrates the Shenzhen-based photographer’s enigmatic personality.

From the outside looking in, he is a seemingly simple, unassuming man of few words. Yet, prod further into his mind through his work and you quickly find out that behind Huang Jing’s gentle character is a complex thinker who is relentlessly contemplating the many connections between what is not seen, what is not said, what is not thought and what is. His photography is a direct representation of this mind-set and as he puts it, “with life’s many changes, my life’s equilibrium will be consistently thrown off balance. This induces a volatile state of mind that pushes me to contemplate many different questions. Naturally, my photography follows suit.”…

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Image courtesy of Huang Jing