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— by Gwynne Watkins: A Star is Born has got nothing on the celebrity origin story of Ken Jeong. As a young doctor in Los Angeles, the Korean-American actor did stand-up on his nights off, dreaming of a career in entertainment. He got a lucky break with Knocked Up, answering director Judd Apatow’s call for “an actor with medical experience,” and quit his day job. Then Jeong’s wife Tran Ho, also a doctor, was diagnosed with breast cancer. While Tran was undergoing treatment, Jeong channeled all of his fear and frustration into a tiny role in an independent comedy — a role that was written for a man three times his age, a role so small that the character didn’t initially have a first name. That comedy, which opened ten years ago this week, was Todd Phillips’s The Hangover

Image: Ken Jeong in The Hangover, 2009, courtesy of Warner Bros/Frank Masi

June 6, 2019 — 19:19 GMT+1